Who We are

Family Oriented


We are an ad-hoc group of citizens in western Montana organizing families to advocate for their future in the face of climate change.

Take action. create hope.

We’re responding to the urgency of the issue, and to the despair and overwhelm that many families are feeling. We believe when families take action, they will feel more hopeful.

We're dedicated to championing concrete actions that will make a difference, and help build a movement.

We started in western Montana when mother and communications professional, Winona Bateman, gathered a group of friends to discuss how to engage more Montana families on this issue.

We envision a world where advocating for a livable climate is a necessary part of every family’s daily routine—part of their plan for the future.

We envision a world where all citizens can count on a healthy climate, strong economy, united communities, and a thriving planet.

Winona and her wee one, her inspiration for action.

Winona and her wee one, her inspiration for action.