NorthWestern Energy - Renewables Now MT!

1. Write Your Comments on NorthWestern’s Plan By May 5th

Before writing your comments, we recommend you read the Executive Summary so that you are fully informed. (Or dive into the full report.)

We recommend that you write your letter in a word-processing document so you can submit to Northwestern Energy and the Montana Public Service Commission.

Comments must be submitted by May 5.

Please personalize your comments or they may lump all of our comments into one.

Sample Comment TEXT/Format

Dear NorthWestern Energy Leadership,

I am writing today to comment on your 2019 energy procurement plan. I have been a NorthWestern ratepayer for X years. Having reviewed the executive summary, I want to submit the following comments and requests regarding your 2019 procurement plan.

As a ____ (family, household) of Montana ratepayers, my family wants a future where we have reliable and affordable energy. This is very important. However, we also want a future where _____________ (what else do you care about on this issue? Example: where “our economy, health, and quality of life thrive”).

We want a livable future for our family, possible only through renewable energy, and most Montanans want renewables. A 2016 poll found the following:

  • 95 percent of voters favored more electricity from wind,

  • 87 percent wanted more solar,

  • and, when asked how we should replace the retiring coal-fired electricity at Colstrip, 74 percent wanted renewable energy.

My family wants renewables because ___________________. __________________.

(Feel free to write many sentences--a full paragraph--list ALL of your reasons for wanting renewables; things specific to your life, concerns, livelihood such as they are cheaper, cleaner, allow for a livable future, etc)

After reviewing your procurement plan, I came away with the sense that NorthWestern is out of touch: with the realities of climate change, the realities of the cost and effectiveness of renewables, and the desires of its consumers.

To those ends, I want to see the following elements incorporated the 2019 NorthWestern Energy procurement plan:

1. A full analysis of the cost of switching to 100% renewables that incorporates best practices from leaders in the energy sector.

2. An assessment and summary of the risks and costs of climate change to Montana ratepayers including economic, health, and quality of life impacts.

3. NorthWestern's plan to promote energy conservation during peak loads, with an in-depth analysis of how other states are saving money by combining renewable energy and innovative storage.

4. Results from an expanded public comment process, specifically I would like to see a survey of your Montana ratepayers about their priorities for energy in Montana. This survey should be developed by a third party (perhaps the Montana Consumer Counsel) and include input from NorthWestern Energy, ratepayers, and other stakeholders.

NorthWestern must do better for _______________ (my family’s future, our climate, jobs, etc).

We need a plan and a vision that leads to a livable future for our families—the only future we can afford.





2. Submit Your Comments

Please write and save your comment as a Word file, then copy and paste into both the NorthWestern Energy comment site and the Public Service Commission’s site.

1. NorthWestern Energy Comment site:

You can print and mail comments to NorthWestern as well:
NorthWestern Energy, 11 East Park Street, Butte, MT 59701

2. Montana Public Service Commission Comment site—please reference Docket N2018.11.78:

Print and mail comments to Montana Public Service Commission at the following address: 1701 Prospect Street, Helena, MT, 59701

3. You may also want to send your comment to the Montana Consumer Counsel, an office of state government that protects the best interests of consumer: The Montana Consumer Counsel, PO Box 201703, Helena, MT 59620-1703

4. Let us know that you submitted comments! Email us at

For more information about the procurement plan, please visit our partner

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