Fridays for Action


To defeat the climate crisis, we need ongoing, sustained action.

At the Families Strike for Our Future rally in Missoula, we asked families to think of the day as a first step. To win change, we need to act. The truth is that we will need to take action regularly for the foreseeable future.

To support families who would like to have a consistent working commitment to climate, we are forming a “Fridays for Action” working group in Missoula and in other Montana communities where families want to lead, in order to coordinate actions and win.

Starting in late October, “Fridays for Action” working groups will convene to work on concrete actions that tackle the climate crisis in Montana. Our first series of actions will focus on energy, including voter education about the Public Service Commission, and campaigns to move NorthWestern Energy toward a commitment to 100% clean energy.

Can’t do Fridays?

We will work to accommodate people who can’t make Fridays work, and with enough interest, form evening and weekend groups, and offer volunteer opportunities for everyone.

Can’t commit to a working group?

Please sign up anyway! We will call on you to volunteer for specific projects and actions.

Not in Missoula, but would like to lead in Montana?

Fill out the form and we will contact you about coordinating actions in Montana.


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